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Advanced Automation

If you manage your business with a CRM, scheduling system, or cloud accounting software, chances are we can integrate with it to automate your entire customer feedback process.

You won’t have to spend time sending requests, it’s all done automatically for you!

This is a preview of what the thank you page looks like. Your personalised thank you message would appear underneath your logo and would be followed by the review profiles that are active in your account.

Get Service Reviews

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In-depth Tracking

When you send a request, you’ll have full visibility throughout the process.

We’ll provide the latest status so you know exactly how the customer responds or doesn’t respond to your request.

Advanced Follow-Up

We’ll automatically follow up with customers depending on whether or not they take action on your request.

We’re able to track your request from beginning to end, so we’ll know when to follow up with the customer and when to leave them alone.

Auto Scheduling

We know owners of small businesses and sole traders work long hours. That’s why we take care of the sending schedule for you.

You don’t want to send SMS messages to customers at 10pm, so we’ll automatically schedule requests when your customers are most likely to take action.

Direct Request Mode

Customers can skip the rating step required in standard request mode and leave a review directly on your 3rd part platform of choice.

Direct mode will increase your chances of receiving a 3rd party review, but you won’t have the ability to route negative feedback directly to you.

Send Request

You send the review request to the customer.

Direct to 3rd Party Profile

The customer is asked to leave a review directly on your 3rd party profile.

Rating Mode

Send Request

You send the review request to the customer.

Customer Leaves A Rating

The customer is directed to your branded landing page to leave you a 1-10 rating.

Review Routing

Depending on the customer's rating, they're either asked to leave you a review on one of your profiles, or leave direct feedback.

Review Profiles / Business

As a business, you likely have a number of business profiles across the web.

You might have a Google profile, Facebook, YellowPages, and probably others.

Your plan level determines how many different profiles you can display to customers at one time when you’re asking them to leave you a review.

What are multiple businesses?

If you run a business from two separate locations, you may want to have different review profiles (e.g. separate Google My Business listings) set up for those unique locations.

Our multi-business functionality allows you to create distinct business entities within one account and request reviews for each business separately.

What is SMS Boost?

SMS boost allows you to send a SMS message directly to a customer requesting a review.

By sending an SMS message, you’re significantly increasing the chances of your customer opening and reading your message as soon as they receive it.